We Have Been Adopted

Actually, I think they’ve never left, they just leave us alone for awhile. We have had a family of foxes for at least ten years. We have ground hogs, birds upon birds upon birds, feral cats, chipmunks, bad-bad snakes, a gazillion squirrels, and….raccoons. The raccoon visitations don’t always end well…that is, when they decide to … Read more

Trying Something New

So for the first shot, Diane, I was trying to create a definite vertical line…light and black. I’m sure there is a name for this type of shot, but the name escapes me now. I was using a two lights, an overhead “hair light” that was actually a beauty dish and a large softbox on … Read more

Eye of the Tiger

I am trying new things both in the studio and in post processing. Kyle and Diane were kind enough to give me an hour so of time yesterday and so I had a chance to try slightly off-subject lighting. I also tried a single light technique that Tim Coburn taught me.  Things generally worked out with the … Read more


I feel like time is racing by and yet also going so, so slow. Before our schedules became insanely difficult to manage or even remember, Kelsey contributed a couple of hours to my educational journey. I was trying some different stuff with lights and some more advanced (for me) Photoshop techniques. She didn’t really like … Read more

California Cruiser

I was in Santa Barbara, California and walking the harbor at sunrise. I was taken aback upon seeing the Ruby Princess cruise ship “parked” not too far away from the docks. Such a huge, almost decadent, boat next to a harbor filled with (mostly) normal sized boats. I wondered how big the thing really was and … Read more

Springtime! At last…

One of the joys of being a photographer is the chance to celebrate life with others…laughter, smiles, silly faces, serious faces. Moments of fun. Yesterday I had a family session with Lauren, John and their kids. Talk about energy…the kids were a riot and I swear, they were really into posing and participating with the … Read more

Motisola’s Chili

This morning on our Old Town walkabout we actually started a little late…first breakfast with Bob and then and only then a walk to the market. Reason for the delay: the temp was only about 25F when we parked and AFTER breakfast there was a “balmy” temp–in the mid-30s. The Irish parade is today and … Read more


When I look at the shots I’ve taken, I reject most them as not good enough. Once in a while I have the time to re-look and reevaluate. I’m still doing that with the ones I took of Harper. These three were “on the cutting room floor” and were candidates for “adjusting” in  Photoshop. By … Read more