FDR Walkabout

I had a little time and so drove into DC for a short walkabout the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial–a place I had never been. I admit that I had really no idea what the Memorial looked like, in fact, my impression was that whatever was there was just sort of plopped into place among the trees next to the Tidal Basin. I was very wrong.  And, of course, I had done NO study about the Memorial before I visited and so had no background on the symbology. Still haven’t. My visit started by finding a parking place next to the river where I found a woman fishing. By herself. She was there when I arrived…she was there when I left.

At the Memorial, there were hundreds if not thousands of people. Mostly school kids on spring break tours. They came in waves and since I stood at the individual places in the Memorial I saw wave after wave. Once in a while,  between waves, no one was around and I took a shot in what appears to be empty space. But wait 20 seconds and another hundred kids.

The Memorial is laid out as a chronological journey through the years of FDR’s presidency. The common architectural theme was massive gray stones with  waterfalls, laid out in areas for each term he was in office. I will go back. Well worth the stop and I think my favorite…right after the Vietnam Memorial.

Chris - April 14, 2012 - 2:57 pm

As usual, some very unique snaps! You have some weird trees around there. Loved the waterfalls & especially the shots where you caught gaps in the flow. Glad you had a good time! Love ya!

D.C. Walkabout

I took a little time to take a “tour” of DC. I boarded a bus and headed off. The order of the pictures is generally the order of the tour. We started at Arlington Cemetery, crossed the 14th Street Bridge and then around DC. It was a beautiful spring day, bright sunshine, not many people. I put a few of the shots into a slideshow with music. If you’d like, you could turn the speakers up a bit and enjoy a brief tour of DC.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument

admin - April 7, 2012 - 5:36 pm

Repairs are probably going to take another year. However, I don’t think anyone will be rappelling anymore!

Chris - April 7, 2012 - 12:22 pm

Beautiful sky behind the monument! Are they finished with the repairs on it?

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

While on the walkabout yesterday, we had a glimpse of the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial.  I took this shot from the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. Standing at the Jefferson, the MLK Jr Memorial seemed to blaze in the sunlight. When I looked at the shot on my computer, I didn’t have the same feeling until I converted the image to black and white. That sharp contrast was what I actually saw when looking at the Memorial. Kyle didn’t feel well enough to walk around the Tidal Basin so we will have to wait for another time. Frankly, however, I am not sure that would improve the shot’s perspective.

Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial

Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial

DC Walkabout With Kyle

Kyle and I went on a walkabout in DC. Just for a few minutes. He was hurt last week and can’t watch TV or play games or read until he is a little better. So since he can’t go to school, I drove downtown and we spent a few minutes at the Jefferson Memorial. I actually had two cameras with me–one was an old Nikon FILM camera with Black and White. Wasn’t sure it was going to work and guess what…it didn’t. But the camera put me in the mood for “film.” So I had Kyle pose next to one of the columns at the Memorial and then converted to this stylized film like cast. He was worn out so we ate a quick dog and went home. Looking at the shot, it could be a Nike ad. Of course, they would probably want to charge me for having the logo on my site.  I took a couple of more, am adding them late. We were in a parking lot below the 14th St bridges. This is of the metro rail bridge. I do love bridges…symbols for crossing, protection, hiding…  Again, converted to film with contrast.

Kyle at Jefferson Memorial

Kyle at Jefferson Memorial


14th Street Metro Bridge

14th Street Metro Bridge

Chris - March 29, 2012 - 6:36 pm

Terrific pic of Kyle!! You do think about bridges in more abstract detail than I ever will. Bridges are lucky to have you!!

New Mexico! Up High!!

On a short walkabout in New Mexico, I boarded a tram and went to the top of Sandia Peak. T’was very cold, 15 degrees! But the views were spectacular and I wished I had brought my “big camera” but…I didn’t think I’d have time. Riding up the tram I sort of expected that James Bond would show up and jump from tram to tram. But no such luck. There was a bar and restaurant at the top. We spent a little time at the top and I definitely needed to have an O2 hit! But I had fun seeing the sites. This is a shot of the tram with Albuquerque in the background.

From Sandia Peak

From Sandia Peak

Chris - March 29, 2012 - 6:34 pm

You jet jockeys just never learn about altitudes, do ya? Egads!! Makes me dizzy just looking at the picture!! Glad you got some sight seeing in after the lousy flight! I’ve seen enough of NM in my lifetime! Nights in Gallup’s “lovely” RV park every time we did a cross country with the trailer! Got tired of the place!


I just can’t get out to a walkabout! So…here I am in the backyard again at sunrise. I probably have the same shot, different year, someplace on this blog. I would guess within a week all of these trees will be green. The cherry blossoms are at their peak and since I am on travel next week, I will have missed them again!! This is my low end mid-range lens (I don’t have the high end). It’s the 24-85 and I actually like the lens because of the small size. I can carry the set anywhere and not look like I just dropped off a paparazzi bus. This is ISO320, 50mm, f/4.5, 1//400. I am going to work in a few minutes and will take the camera with me, that’s as close to a walkabout I will get this weekend. Sigh. Whimper. Whine.

Sunrise through the trees

Sunrise through the trees

Chris - March 29, 2012 - 6:32 pm

My first thought was not about beauty….just ‘LOOK AT ALL THOSE TREES!!” Then the beauty part showed up!

Kelsey Halvorsen - March 18, 2012 - 10:26 pm

Beautiful picture dad, as always! It’s as if this transports me into a different world… you amaze me dad!

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