Great NYC Food At Whym Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen

I love food and so we are always looking out for good food at reasonable prices. And so we were very happy to get not only good food but great food at Whym Restaurant not too far from where we stayed. When you look in the front window you sense something special. The look is  a cross between  Empire Hotel mod, Oriental orderliness, and Frank Lloyd Wright clean lines. That’s a hint of the very cool things to come! The menu is a catalog of “Things One Must Try.” Sadly, not enough time to try everything, barely enough time to try anything. But, we went twice–Sunday brunch and Monday night dinner. We were not disappointed on either occasion. The soup below is from brunch–carrot and ginger. The flavors were delicate and balanced and light enough to be a perfect beginning to a late brunch. However, the next night I wasn’t keen on the potato leek soup, brownish with a hint of over-sauteed leeks. That was offset by a very cool char accompanied by salmon mashed potatoes. This was a great place with wonderful service and superb food. I highly recommend you visit because you will eat well!

Whym Restaurant Looking Toward Street

Carrot Ginger Soup At Whym Restaurant

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