New York! New York!

We hit the ground on Friday and have been moving ever since. Walking. Walking. And, of course, the NY taxi. We’ve had fun and the weather has been pretty much okay. Yesterday, around noon the rain started and so we headed for the Museums. Ended up in the Museum of Natural History. It was great–and big. I’ll have more shots up later, after we get home, but wanted to put a couple up now. Today’s the last day–tomorrow back home.

The first shot is of the Empire State Building taken through the arch in Greenwich Village at Washington Square Park. This arch has George Washington on the other side and through the arch looking north(ish) you can see the Empire State building. Off course, the pigeon (a.k.a. city chicken) was an added bonus.

The second is of the Statue of Liberty–I know, very teeny. But this is as close as we got on this trip. Not quite sundown but the sun was getting low and the Staten Island Ferry was a bonus on this shot.


Empire State Building


Statue of Liberty with Staten Island Ferry







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