Dug Out. Well…sort of

Everytime I go to the end of the driveway, I find another wall of ice chunks. I guess that what this means is that the roads are clear. Because I think they are bringing all the snow to my driveway!! Deep breaths. Just kidding. Neighbor down the street a few houses hired somebody with a tractor to come and shovel out his drive and way around the entry way so even if the road grader came by, there wouldn’t be much to move. But, none of the rest of us poor envious neighbors got any leftover “love” from that tractor!! The kids love the snow and are unhappy that I’ve shoveled a great deal from our drive. I took a couple of snaps of them next to the front porch. Gives you an idea of how deep the snow got here on our street.




Snow Play In The Front Yard



Kyle With "Tunnel Head"


Sanity Check - Course At Sunset Next To Where I Stayed Last Summer




Chris - December 24, 2009 - 2:13 pm

The golf course caught me a bit off guard until I read the caption!! Great pix of the kids on the hill! What a fun time!! Nice of you parents to go out in the cold so they could have a good time!! Too bad about the snow blower. Maybe this next storm will skirt around you? Love your website!!!! Meanwhile, back to work since it’s lasagna night with the gang! Merry Christmas!

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