The Morning After

The snow has stopped falling. I hear that we may get 40mph winds…now that’s like South Dakota. I went out at sunrise today to get some shots but didn’t go toooooo far. It’s cold, the snow is deep and all I can see is the amount that I will have to move from one place to another. And it’ll all be gone in a week. Or so. Probably. Growing up, I knew that it would last until spring so there wasn’t much choice, if you wanted to move around, you moved the snow first. But I’m thinking that here, well, I could just stay indoors for a week and miss the whole shoveling thing. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


Driveway, note the "indentation" where I shoveled yesterday!


Front Porch




Maya Laurent - December 20, 2009 - 12:20 pm

Wow! We barely have an inch! Zane is jealous…that looks like good snowman making snow!

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