Lighting Practice (& Homecoming)

So I am watching some Scott Kelby training videos to learn about lighting. There’s wayyyyy tooooo much for me to remember. Well, maybe if I practice…at least that’s what I tell the family when i say, “Do you have just a few minutes to help me with my practice?” And, they normally will sit for me. At least for a while. This is a simple two light shoot: primary light is in a softbox directly behind the camera position. The other is a half-hooded back drop light. I don’t have enough room so I can’t get far enough away from the background.  This may force me into cleaning the garage (and hoping for a warm winter!).

Chris - October 11, 2010 - 11:04 am

I think the “practice” is working! Those are some beautiful shots and that’s one gorgeous daughter you’ve got there! She has this posing stuff down pat! Nice job, Dad!!

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