Paint Ball Warrior

So…once in a while I wonder what my buddies are doing to make a living. About one, I no longer wonder. Thanks to some really good satellite imagery (or really good humint), I have access to the inner workings of a senior executive’s day at work. Of special note should be the “Before” when there is that wry smile about how well things will go. Then…take a close gander at the look on the “After” picture. I see the look of, “why are you asking me to do this when you should be able to tell that I am covered in yellow paint and I have almost all of my paintballs left?? Do I look like a happy camper?? You should see me play golf!!” Of course, with the artfully placed cammo outfit he has on, I’ll bet his competitors marveled at the 200 pound bush racing through the forest. Yes, that’s an image.

Actually, maybe he was playing golf. p.s. I did not take these pictures but I wish I had!

TFB Before

TFB After

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