Oh My God! Are these pictures real? I didn’t take them but…they are real!

Back before TV, just after the Jurassic Age, I played in a Garage Rock ‘n Roll Band. We played for several years, the core of the group was Dennis, Terry, and me. We played hard and drove for miles in Dennis’s Mom’s 1961 blue Ford Galaxy. At least I think it was a 61, maybe. Well, I’m sure it was blue. Well, probably anyway. A while back Dennis sent me some snaps of those days. These shots were from January 1965. Name of the group — The Bird Dogs! I am pretty sure we had the first Beatle boots in South Dakota. We were the coolest. I put these on facebook and had a group of comments so I thought I’d put them here, too. In August of 1966, we cut our first (and only) record. It was a 45. Not the pistol. Dennis wrote the A side which was “Shoppin’ Around.” He also sang lead and played the lead rifs. Terry and I (altho I was very, very soft) sang backup. When we went to record it, they said, “What about the B side.” We admitted we hadn’t thought about that (did I mention that no adults at all were involved in this enterprise?!?!). So we hammered out “Unchain My Heart” which Terry sang the lead and Dennis I did the backup. CLick on the links below and wonder why…

Shoppin’ Around

The Bird Dogs Sing Unchain My Heart

The Bird Dogs in January 1965

The Bird Dogs Rockin

The Bird Dogs Take A Pose

Chris - August 8, 2010 - 11:28 am

Hey! You guys were GOOD!! Strange to hear music that hasn’t been mastered & remastered a hundred times. Real stuff! So you went from Bird Dogs to a fighter jock. There’s logic in there somewhere, I’m sure! Thanks for the trip back in time! Luv ya!

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