Trying To Get Back But I Am Rusty!!

We took our kids to camp out in the woods last week (very quiet house!) and I took a couple of snaps on the way back. I really like fences, not just the photo op but the concept. The camp was out by the Virginia horse country and so there were lots of farms with horse fence like the one in the first shot. They had the stone fence and inside the more traditional wooden fence. The stone fence here was miles long and I imagine they took the stone from the fields. But it was only about three feet high, hence the wooden fence. I always wonder how much effort and material it would cost to paint all these miles of white fence.

Horse Fence

This next shot is from an old mill in Aldie, VA. I think this mill actually was in operation for over 150 years and finally quit operating sometime around 1970ish. The old brick and stone buildings are very cool. The way the designers structured the mill so they could turn the water off and on was fascinating—and it had dual or tandem wheels. I think that there is some talk of restoring the milling capability.  Now…it’s a tourist stop and that’s a good thing since the buildings are preserved.

Aldie Mill

Chris - July 22, 2010 - 1:02 pm

Love the light & shadows!! It’d be nice if they restore the mill. Too few of them remain.

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