Studio Visit

We are at the end of our Smithsonian class so it was time for a field trip. We were invited to Pitchfork Studio in D.C. where the owner/photographer, Delane Rouse, gave us some tips, some creativity ideas, a little personal history and was our model during the session. His studio is a walkup in DC. The “texture” of the studio is wonderful with two kinds of brick walls, metal doors, open beams with wood plank floors, and a mixture of natural light with a huge white wall for playing the lights. Great time. Of course, the pressure of only 15 minutes of fame. Delane has many sites, you should visit them all—I don’t have links to them all, just his branded site.

On the shot below, the depth of field is extraordinarily shallow, more than I intended. I was shooting his eyes (actually the bridge of his nose), and that’s in focus. However, just the short distance from the right eye to the right ear was enough to add that little bit of blur.  Note the texture–wall, window, cords.


Most of the rest of the night, the shots were not exactly as I would have set them up but you need to go with the flow. And then there’s that 15 minute thing. The following shot is also next to the same window as the first. These were actually taken in the “margins” of the session–before the real shooting started. I’m most comfortable there. Interestingly, Delane didn’t have a camera prop in these first two shots, he did in the third–the last one, the black and white. Does he look different without?

Delane as Delane

Delane, the artist

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