Ground Hogs!!

So I haven’t posted anything in a while, chaos seems to come routinely and disrupts what little process I have. I look outside into the backyard, and…there is this HUGE creature there. I shot this through the window which you can tell by the lack of clarity. I figured that based on its size, this guy was not going to stick around if I opened the door and I was right. I took this snap and gently opened the door just a lens crack wide and zooooooom. He was gone. Spooky animal. Not cuddly. I want him gone but he’s probably digging a hole under our house. Grrrrrrr. Where are the foxes???

Ground Hog

Chris - May 15, 2010 - 12:36 pm

GOOD GRIEF!!! That’s all you need! Those dudes can undermine the foundation to anything! They’re too big for your little foxes to handle……but your kitty isn’t so take care with the new lady in your house around your wild pets. I’m assuming she’s there……right?

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