Spring Break!

And now we are on Spring Break. Which so far has meant that I don’t have to work full days. I took the kids in with me one day and behind our building is this creek. I took a couple of snaps. This is one of them. You know, there are two ways to pronounce the word “creek.” One is creek which sounds like speak. The other sounds like “crick.”  Don’t know why, perhaps that’s a South Dakota thing. Someone told me once that if the creek is on a golf course, it’s the crick sound. If the creek is out in the world, then it’s the speak sound. But that’s TMI. It was about a year ago I had a similar shot next to another creek.

The Kiddos

Chris - April 5, 2010 - 7:43 pm

Cool one! Look! A place that actually has flowing water! How unique!!! ;>)

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