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So tonight I put on my 105/2.8 and walked out to the back fence and wow! Also sorts of scurrying hither and yon! The three kits were chasing each other and thrashing about. I asked them to pose altogether. They denied me. There was a brave one, though (isn’t there always). He came right up […]

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Chris - April 30, 2010 - 1:32 pm

Wow! That’s a good clear fairly close up shot! What an adorable face!! Just so Mama Fox doesn’t catch you messin’ with her kids!! You planning to let them reside there forever?

Critter Season Is Upon Us !

So there they were, my family, that is. Quietly eating dinner (I was not there) when lo and behold, three young foxes started playing, chasing sticks, running after each other, etc., right in our backyard!! Although the foxes (“kits” actually) were oblivious to the humans and didn’t seem to mind them walking around, no one, […]

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