Baby Racoons

We have four of them and they mostly come out at dusk. But…not today! Diane and I came home from shopping errands and lo and behold, two of the “babies” were at the squirrel feeder (4 o’clock). One of them was completely inside the feeder. That’s the first shot below. The one that was on top of the feeder was pushing the other one down INTO the feeder. We were in the car in the driveway, probably 30′ away, Diane was laughing so hard she could not hold her phone camera still!! The one on top of the feeder ran away when we got out of the car. The one in the feeder, well, apparently it considered itself “invisible” because I was able to get reasonably close. We went inside, put away our stuff and went back onto the stoop, the baby was still hiding!! We sat and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, the rain started and the baby was unhappy about that and got out!!! So the sequence of these is (1) baby hiding; (2) baby coming out as the rain starts; and, (3) Diane’s phone shots of the two babies working together."You Can't See Me!"Rain!?! I might melt! Run Away!!Raccoon Sibling Rivalry

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