The Trio Grill – A Restaurant Trifecta

Trio Grill - Beef CarpaccioSuperb Food, Venue and Service…it doesn’t get much better than this!!! The Trio Grill┬áis our new “favorite place” in northern Virginia, which really is saying a lot because there are dozens of really, really good places here and in DC/MD, we enjoy them all but this place really set a high bar on the day we went. Admittedly, we were there when they first opened because early was all we could squeeze into our schedule. But wow, what a place. Each of the Trio employees we met acted like they sincerely cared about our experience with them. The venue was well designed with wood highlights that exuded comfort and modern class. The food was excellent. We started with a dozen oysters, our server Tim explained the difference between the varieties they had that day. For dinner, one of us had the filet…very well prepared, perhaps a tiny bit under seared. The Tuna au Poivre was ridiculously well presented and the flavor was top notch. The tuna set atop of horseradish puree surrounded by smoked green beans. I had two small plates, one was three cheeses and jams, the other was beef carpoccio that melted in my mouth give an aftertaste of richness and the earth. To say nothing about the home made waffle chips. Again…wow. We will definitely returns! Soon!! Well done, Trio!!Trio Grill Outside DiningTrio Grill - Awesome Cheese BoardTrio Grill - Tuna Au PoivreTrio Grill - Filet Mignon

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