My Camera Is In The Hospital

My camera is four years old and sees a lot of action and is occasionally exposed to dust…well actually, exposed to dust and grime a bit more than occasionally. I think the worst is at a baseball game like today’s shot. This was actually taken with a backup camera which is a DX so I get a bit of a boost in “reach” or at least the end result is “closer.” The lens on this is at 200mm with a 1.7 extender so that’s 340mm. Then you add 50% for the DX and that put’s the actual to 510mm or thereabouts. And that’s a lot and I’m not shooting with a tripod so some photoshop sharpening is required. The regular baseball season is over, Kyle’s team, the Angels, took first place in their league. Championship playoffs start this week. I hope my camera comes home soon!!Safe at Home

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