South Dakota Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

And The Bird Dogs! After 50 years. Doesn’t seem that long ago. The Bird Dogs were inducted April 18…our 15 minutes of fame. It was way, way cool and we enjoyed every minute of the weekend. Sort of like a high school party but with much wiser, gentler people (hah!). The SD Rock and Roll Music Association put on an awesome show and we were honored to be a part of it. Many of the bands that were inducted played during the evening and they were unbelievable. Probably at the top of the heap was Shells of Time…but it’s really too close to call, they were all awesome. The Massive Brass Attack played at the reception the night before and I swear I was listening to Chicago.  It was very, very cool and tons of fun. The first picture is of us after the event, the second frame is a slide show with cuts from our record (a 45rpm!!!).  The slideshow starts with a shot out the window of the airplane as were descending into Sioux Falls…lots of windmills, probably in Minnesota. Then a shot of the “Falls” and then a shot of the sign at the Expo Center where the shows were held. The last is the family, in the airport heading back. Maybe the best part of the trip was seeing my sister walking around her house, greeting all of us and only 7 days after open heart surgery!!

 Terry Rathbun, Lee Halvorsen, Terry Koch, Dennis Kuper

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