Rained out!

I went to the first field class today–arrived before sunset in a parking lot next to the Potomac. I had the sunroof open and…it started to rain. We suited up and walked toward the river but the rain only increased in intensity. The rest of the group headed for a Starbucks to wait it out…I headed home. As I got closer to home the rain abated and so I decided to take the advantage since”theoretically” I was still not committed to being somewhere else. I guess you can say they’re from my extended yard. The “tunnel” is actually a bridge…story is that civil war soldiers hid in this. Who am I to disagree?Bridge (Tunnel) with stream leading to Accotink RiverShroomsLast chance to squirrel something away!Front Yard Berries with rain

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  1. These are AMAZING! Incredible colors, especially on the bridge, and love the juxtiposition of the squirrel/branches with the tree trunk – makes you wonder which way you need to turn your head. Great job, Hon!

  2. I agree with your bride completely!!!! You can do amazing things with a drop of water! Some century, I’m going to get a better camera…….maybe. Great photos, Bro! Keep ’em coming!


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