Mother, Daughter, Daughter

I had the chance to do a mother, daughter, daughter shoot last weekend. What a hoot! We had lots of fun with the three ladies…and a pup, too. The baby is only 3-4 months old, her father is far, far away serving our country! He hasn’t seen them in months! But, he doesn’t have the internet where he’s stationed, so probably won’t see these either. Or at least we hope not. Perhaps some prints, a book, or whatever will soon be in the mail!! ¬†What a privilege to shoot three generations. What fun it was trying to almost stand on my head (oh, the horror) to get the baby to smile and shoot the right angles. Fun, fun, fun!!!Harper & ShelleyBeadsMother - DaughterThree Generations

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  1. Oh, Lee!! Those are just mind boggling……awesomely beautiful photos!! You are truly talented, bro!! The beauty of the 3 ladies helped but you certainly got the lighting, the angles and the happy faces right!! That soldier (God bless & protect him!) will be so thrilled to see his girls!! So sad that he has to be away from them now. Damned wars!! You will have helped him so much with your photos! Bless you, honey!! <3

  2. Lee,I just looked at the pictures of my precious Shelley, Harper, and Clancy. I am Shelley’s God Mother, or we like to say FairyGod Mother. I have been a dear friend of Clancy since the 2nd grade. As I viewed the pictures I of course had tears, and anextra prayer was sent up for Daddy’s safety. Beautiful! Precious pictures! Thank You!! Job well done!God Bless you,Vi


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