Happy New Year!

The kids’ winter break is fast ending…in truth, it’s already gone. The weekends are a given and so don’t really count. Tomorrow, they are back to the grind. Me, too. For a while.  For a variety of reasons, this holiday seemed—different. It went by fast, faster than life normally goes by. Perhaps because so many changes are happening in our lives that tracking each of them is difficult. We have other issues, too. We are ever hopeful.I’m looking at joining a studio…one where I can learn about portraiture and fashion photography. I have visited a few but at my age people expect me to come in savvy on posing, lighting, models, makeup, hair, wardrobe, licenses…………  Whew. I will probably do okay once I get my feet wet but it will be nerve wracking to begin the journey.In the meantime, my star model Kelsey has begun to focus even more on academics which does me little good for learning lighting techniques. Diane and Kyle are busy. I tracked down this innocent reindeer to try indirect lighting. He was very cooperative but not as limber as I’d hoped. I never did eliminate the shadows but he got tired of me constantly moving equipment. So I put him in a box.Posing Reindeer

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  1. I don’t see any reindeer shadows so I think you got the lighting job done, my man! He’s a cute little subject but I do miss Kels! Joining a studio, huh? What all does that mean to this person who knows nothing about that? A step to becoming a pro? Or actually becoming a pro? You’ll be good at it!! I know that in my heart! You go for it, lil’ Bro!! Sending love to everyone!!


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