Christmas Eve Eve

T’was the day before the day before and all through the house… Of course, I did the very things I hate to do and promise each year to not do again. Among other things, I did NOT take deep breaths through Advent and celebrate the waiting, I did NOT pay close attention to those around me, I did NOT do any of the things I should have to (1) remember that the Day is to celebrate the birth of Christ, and, to (2) spend time drinking in the sparkle of each day. Ah well. I may have Grinchified it so far but…as soon as I get home from work tomorrow night……………I wanted to experiment with indirect, gold reflected light. My normal model is out on strike so I was able to persuade Diane to let me experiment with barn door modifiers, gold reflectors and all with indirect lighting. She was a great model and so I will have a lockout with the regular modeling staff (smile).  The first shot is of Diane as I move reflectors, shot angles, barn doors, and me around the room. The second is the best cat ever, Missy.  The third shot is the Mollie Cat, a calico. Just a year old or so and t.r.o.u.b.l.e. The last is the black & white cat who is very much a fraidy cat, her name is Mandi, I only got one shot of her before she went like a rocket to the other side of the planet. 

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  1. How does she always manage to look so beautiful? OK…..I know some of it is YOU, your camera and your lighting set up but, dang, she is just naturally gorgeous!! You are one lucky man, bro! She is beautiful inside and out….she loves you…..and she is one terrific Mom!! Can’t get any better than that!! Enjoy….all of you!! Love to all!


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