A few weeks ago I wrote about a building that was being torn down and I’ve been watching the progress (de-progress??) ever since. I got up early this morning hoping to catch a unique view when the sun rose┬ábehind the destruction. Of course, the sky was overcast, I’d guess a ceiling of about 10,000 feet which is actually okay. As I was waiting for that special morning light, I looked about and noticed other things…buses beginning to move, metro trains rumbling to their first pickups, and people walking to and fro. I almost missed the main coloring of the sky…I think the brilliant rose colors only lasted a few minutes as I tried to move from train to building to bus, well, you get the picture (no pun intended. sure). The first shot is a timed exposure of metro train, the gold “band” is actually the windows of the train. The second is the building with just a few of the gorgeous red sun reflections left, and the last is a timed exposure of a bus, the red streaks of light are the various red lights on the side of the bus. To me, the building going down is a maudlin sign of progress…all the hopes, fears and other cliches will be gone. A parking lot where once science or art was created and distributed. I wonder where the people went.Time Lapse of Metro Train Shrinking Building At SunriseTime Lapse Of Bus

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