Morrison House – The Grille **

Kelsey and I went to the Grille at Morrison House for breakfast on November 22. I am a real fan of the Kimpton brand–The Morrison House is a Kimpton hotel and I had stayed at this particular hotel but had never eaten in the restaurant, The Grille. Although I will stay again, I probably won’t eat at The Grille, there are way too many good restaurants in Alexandria to invest  the time in another disappointment. The ambience is very bistro upscale with formal settings and few tables, probably not more than 20 covers (I think there was another room with more table, we were in the same room as the bar). There were two occupied tables when we arrived. We ordered and 45 minutes later our food arrived. 45 minutes. Two more tables had arrived within that time. My daughter had the eggs benedict. One egg was literally hard boiled; the other was very runny–too runny. The muffin was hard, so hard that the table knife she was using was hard pressed to cut through the muffin. The Canadian bacon was cooked to the consistency of jerky; she could not chew it and had to put it aside. I had the french toast which was barely warm and thickly covered with cinnamon. And I mean thick, very, very thick. I was able to scrape off most of the cinnamon could eat two small pieces. The service was okay, just okay. Very disappointing.Follow Up Note: The Morrison House contacted me with an apology. They have a new chef and are experiencing some transitional issues. I believe I will go back.The Grille at Morrison House

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