Soup Night!

When I was young (shortly after the demise of the last dinosaur), every year around Thanksgiving, one of the three TV networks would show the movie “Wizard of Oz.” That was my notice that Christmas was rapidly approaching and that I needed to get into the mood. Call it a tradition, call it an advertising ploy…whatever. I still want to watch the movie as the beginning of the season. Last night, we had friends over and each cooked a different soup and then we all watched the movie together. Lots of laughter, singing along with all the cool songs and going “Oh No!” at the proper times. A great time and much better than watching the thing all by myself. The soup I made was a takeoff on one that we’d had a Bastille Restaurant a week or so ago: Parsnip & Celeriac Soup. Fortunately, we had our first delivery from a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) which included celeriac and leeks. We’d purchased some parsnips at the farmers market. The shots below are of the veggies before and the product afterwards.Leeks, Celeriac, & ParsnipsThe TableThe Soup

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