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Having breast cancer touch you and your family is daunting, overwhelming, numbing. Fortunately, our journey began with Dr. David Weintritt, a breast surgeon and founder of the National Breast Center. Dr. Weintritt and his staff care…really care. This wasn’t the normal kind of good bedside manner you sometimes find in a medical practice, this was genuine, human caring. The National Breast Center is one of Dr Weintritt’s methods to focus human caring, leading edge technology, and state-of-the-art medicine onto the patient and even to the care giver. One of the survivors who spoke at the October Luncheon said it best, “When I met Dr. Weintritt, he said that he’d take care of me, and he has.”Breast cancer touches more women per capita in the Washington DC area than any other place in the United States. Dr Weintritt is determined that the National Breast Center will provide diagnostic access, advanced treatment techniques, and enhanced knowledge resources so that patients, physicians, care givers, and families can make their journeys with the best, most current information available and have a chance to review all the alternatives.The photo below is from the October Luncheon. If you want more information about breast cancer, detection, diagnosis, treatment…well, almost anything about the subject, you should call the the National Breast Center. Even if it’s not them you call, call someone if you have a question…there are answers. And options.Dr. Weintritt & Diane

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  1. Looking good there, “Perky”!! Glad you ended up at the right place at the right time, Sis! What a road it has been for you & the whole family! So happy at the outcome!! Love you, honey!! And you, too, little brother! Give the kids a hug from Aunt Chris!


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