Another Week…Another Walkabout

Back to Old Town for breakfast and a walkabout. We took the time to meet some new people as we wondered to and fro. Kelsey was cold — the temp was less than 50! I would call that balmy but then, obviously, she gets to decide when she’s cold.  Today we started at the market and we were a little early…before we went to “Breakfast With Bob.” We stumbled across an unusual vendor…a bookseller who was just setting up.SifakisWell, a bookseller and also an author–George Sifakis and his son…also a George, I believe. George (the Elder) and his wife Adriana are co-authors of “S.W.A.K, a novel of ultimate betrayal.” We chatted a few minutes and I took a quick shot of the two. The book is strikingly packaged. It turns out after checking their website, that we had stumbled upon them setting up for a “book signing.” Well, I wish we’d have known, we would have gone back and maybe, just maybe, gotten a book. I’m a big believer in supporting the arts (obviously) and am happy that there are still artists that go out and meet the people…head-to-head. The packaging was a little off putting because I thought it was a “self help” package or something, the book looked like a package that Apple would have designed. Nonetheless, they are coming back in November and I will probably buy the book. Looks like a good winter read.The book title also intrigued me. Was this a political novel about a great betrayal of the system? Or the American Way? Or an expose of some egregious study of chemicals on the US Military or…well, you get my drift. Even after looking up the book on Amazon, I don’t have a real good idea. But I’m pretty sure it’s about relationships and growing up.We continued to wander, bought our veggies and our bouquet of flowers. Kelsey was gifted an extra bouquet by the flower seller, plus the standard rose. These sellers are three gentlemen who obviously really enjoy what they do and Kelsey and I really enjoy visiting their stand…rain or shine they have a smile for her. And even for me. After Breakfast with Bob, we headed for Kelsey’s favorite store…well, one of her favorites. She wanted a “cap” and apparently this store was the only one that had such a hat in Northern VA. She posed for me…pre-hat…in front of the store, Lou Lou’s. We actually had to wait a few minutes for the store to open so I looked about while we waiting.  And then poof…an SUV parked next to us, a couple jumped out, and he asked me about my camera. I’m bashful but always ready to talk about gadgets. See below!!Kelsey

Steve & Jane Photography

Steve and Jane and I introduced ourselves on the corner in front of LuLus and chatted about cameras, the Old Town ambience and what a great day to take photos. They do weddings…which is way far away from what I do. Weddings are scary which is probably why you should hire someone with lots of experience. And why it’s spendy. They were getting geared up for an engagement shoot. I sniped one as they calibrated their strategy and their gear. Take a look at their site…they do very, very nice work!Photography by Steve & Jane   

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