Bird Dogs Inducted Into SD Rock & Roll Music Association

Fifty years ago, which really seems like yesterday, I played guitar in a rock and roll band we called The Bird Dogs. The Bird Dogs played for five years in several states in the midwest, cut an original 45 record (what’s a record, my kids ask), and were on the road most weekends. Dennis Kuper, Terry Koch and I started the group, probably in a garage, adding rockers throughout the years…Terry Rathbun, Joe Gibson, Sherwood Moore, Craig Andersen, and Bob Paulsen. We had a blast. Lost our hearing, or at least I did, and only quit because of the war. Truth be known, I’d probably still be playing if it wasn’t for the war and the draft. Anyway, the Region’s equivalent to a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced yesterday that the Bird Dogs will be inducted next year. I think we are all appreciative of the recognition which sort of memorializes our 15 minutes of fame. Some of us stay in contact but Sherwood and Bob are “unfound.” Craig was killed in a plane accident. The press conference with the announcement is on the Argus Leader website. Rock On!!The shot below was taken on the Occoquan walkabout last weekend. I had a similar one three years. There are two on an iron gate, seemingly guarding a stairway to….Lion Gate Keeper

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