Temperature was about 50 this morning. I know, that could be a heat wave in South Dakota. But for me, not so much. This is perfect weather, relatively low humidity and very human-level temperatures. I’m sure things will change soon. Sometimes when I take a photo, the shot that shows up in the computer is not what my mind saw when I clicked the shutter.  I guess that waxing nostalgic is a symptom of my chronological experience. I took this shot the other day when I was walking in Georgetown along the canal, the actual scene is not what I felt but rather I felt what I imagined. And I imagined a time long ago that probably wasn’t anything like what the time ago really was…that didn’t make sense. I “saw” a Mayberry RFD kind of place. No heat. No mosquitos. No economic worries. All was happy. The two shots are the same, the first is Photoshopped to what my mind wanted to see, the second is the out of the camera shot. I like my imagination better.Canal In My Mind Georgetown Canal

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  1. It’s odd for me to see a canal that really has water in it and people in long pants & jackets! Going to be 92* here today! Later in the 10 day forecast, we will get down to the mid-80’s! The garden has become such a jungle that I can’t even walk through it! Next year I will do some early pruning to prevent this problem! The hummers are enjoying the flowers but the veggies, except for the cherry tomatoes & the Asian beans, are about done! That’s a good thing because I’m about worn out on gardening! BTW, did your package get there yesterday? Oh, I’ll bet you got the infamous yellow card because no one was home! Give my love to everyone!!


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