The Hummers Are Humming — Away.

Our hummingbirds are eating a great deal and buzzing us on the deck. We don’t see many but there are a couple of hangers-on. We shall miss them. Their kamikaze antics having us smiling and laughing. We can’t imagine these tiny little things flying thousands of miles to Mexico…but, I guess they do. I put my phone on the railing and had it playing Ruby Throated Hummingbird songs and wow, what a reaction. We don’t have names for them like Chris, but that’s because we only see them once in a while and even then it’s just for a short time. But they sure do make us smile.Ruby Throated Hummingbird

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  1. That’s an awesome+ picture!! Sorry that they’re leaving but it’s important to their survival! We don’t get many ruby throats passing through here so I guess we’re not on their normal migration route! I DO play music for our Costas & Annas out in the garden! Katherine Jenkins is their current favorite!! Smile. Sad that baseball season is over but it’s a little hard to play in the snow so all of you will have to find a different pastime!Love to you all!!! And sorry I missed the anniversary!! Since I’m not making a lot of cards these days, I missed the note on my calendar! My BFF Dee would say, “put it on your phone, you dork”! And she’s right. I should! Hope you had a lovely celebration of your fabulous life together!! Bye for now!


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