Things Change

Of course, things change. I don’t like that; I’m not comfortable with new things, I like the safety of familiar things. Somewhere along the line, however, I cam to the realization that things often change dramatically. My “Life Time” Montgomery Wards tool warranty is not so life time. My frequent flyer miles on TWA expired about the same time TWA expired. My dad’s work corporation, industry giant Armour & Co., is now merely a trademark on hot dogs. The tree lined streets of my home town are gone because of an elm blight 20 years ago.  Shocking really. Growing up in small town middle America I had a knowing certainty of the way things were supposed to be. I was familiar with: the Soviet Union, Montgomery Wards, pensions, Armour’s, friends who live forever…  But, I guess at the same time, we also had polio, mumps, smallpox, etc. Five years ago, I stopped to take a picture of a local lake when the fall colors were spectacular. I don’t often drive that way anymore and so this week when I was driving by, I was startled to see that the lake was “gone.” Is this a change or is someone “fixing” the broken lake. The top picture is from five years ago, the bottom one from this week. Taken from the same place.Fall 2009 Lake 2014

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