Drone’s Eye View

I imagined a sentry’s view down into the valley and thought of troop movements and supply trains. I guess the beauty of the overlook was overcome by the tactical ability¬†to see so much and have my imagination run wild. But then I thought, today, a drone would see this in just a heartbeat. The viewpoint is to the west, not too far south of the Front Royal entrance. Of course, cameras cannot do justice to the grandeur of this view. Not like the rugged, sharp panoramas of the Rockies, but more the powerful¬†expanse of American opportunity. This is actually five photos stitched together to create the panorama.Shenandoah Valley

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  1. Beautiful! My iPhone is supposed to do panoramic shots. I have to see if I can figure out how to do that. ‘Course, the panoramas here are not nearly that pretty! Everything’s brown now. Have a great Tuesday, hon!!


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