In DC, Being Artful

We wandered a couple of hours in the National Art Gallery. I shouldn’t say wander, Kelsey had some very specific “ages” that she wanted to review and we were subtly kept on course for the time we were “wandering.” We actually went century by century through the Western European sections with special emphasis on the French (of course).  At one point we went off agenda and ended in the modern wing. One of the pieces was actually dozens of framed objects (empty black) on the wall. I caught a rare moment when only one person was in front of the piece, seemingly racing to get to the end. Ironically, my friend Avi Bender was in the museum around the same time…his shots are very different and very cool. The lower shot here is of the same tunnel that Avi is using to surround his model in light. Can’t you almost here James Bond movie music?So much to see, so little time.Bond. James Bond.

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  1. Lee- I knew we had some things in common but being in that same museum, same time, with same concept in mind ?.?. Great photos, and as always- you have a gift for telling stories with words and with photos.


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