Front Yard Photoshoot!

Some spare time was available but…not a lot. I unearthed the tripod and sat on the front porch looking for some birds to shoot. I had the 300mm prime out so the detail is a bit better. In fact, the catch light in the blue jay is almost studio quality. Diane fills the feeders every day and the birds are a hoot to watch. When she is out next to the feeder, they will land right next to her demanding her attention to the seed level. When it’s me…well they aren’t quite so anxious. I admit that I love to watch them soar and squabble, even the dreaded starlings. The cats, well the cats watch them carefully but ne’er the twixt shall meet. But, we have fun! The blue jay was actually on a rock close to the ground. Diane throws peanuts out and the squirrels and the blue jay fight over them!! That’s how I took those two shots!BluejaySquirrel Challenging the JayCardinal Looking for Diane 

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