Harbor House

Actually, I think this is the Harbor Master’s quarters. I don’t remember and I should have looked. The do have classes here on how to build a boat. I think they also have classes on how to row. We’ve seen some exciting small boat launches during our walkabouts and we have often wondered if the boats came back with as many people as they had left with based on the not quite flailing oars, the guarded enthusiasm, and the harried looking instructor sitting on the back bench trying to inspire confidence and calm. This is actually a building on water and that, as always, fascinates me. A houseboat and I am pretty sure I would like to live on a houseboat. That way, I could move. Without having to pack!! And I think that’s pretty cool. My camera is in the shop. I am hoping that there is dust on the sensor and a good cleaning will make all well. A bad pixel is a very bad thing. I will worry until I have it back in my hands.Old Town Harbor House

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