Summer days

Summer is officially here, school is officially out, and looking for things to do is officially in. Our Williamsburg Walkabout went way too quickly. The shot below is during the heat of the day and although they don’t look tired, they don’t look poised to go into action either. We are home now, band camp has started, Kelsey is a bit lost without doing homework for 6 hours a day. Did I mention the air conditioner quit yesterday? Actually not the AC itself but the squirrel fan that makes the magic useful. Just one more thing. Fortunately the weather is not that bad. We ran fans last night and the AC guy is supposed to come this morning. I am not expecting good news because I’m sure that the fan is not a plug and play device. The thing is probably connected to some other major component that means I’ll have to replace the entire furnace unit. Which we can’t really do…hmmm…do you suppose we could get along without AC until next spring?Kyle & Kelsey

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