Williamsburg Walkabout

The Williamsburg Walkabout Weather Was Wearingly Warm Wherever We Went Wherever We Were. Hot. Humid. We glistened. Kelsey, Kyle and I went south to help Kirsten move. Diane remained behind┬áto work. We stayed in Williamsburg and walked around the town. The crowds were very light and we were able to enjoy the sites without the crush of the crowds trying to all be in the front viewing row. We saw gun battles, cannon fire, angry nobles and commoners, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, and more. We all had a good time. Except for the heat. One has to wonder how they coped three hundred years ago, but then they didn’t really know the difference since the summer weather was always hot and humid. I forgot to mention the humidity. Significant humidity. We didn’t get a chance to see everything, so we will go back. I liked that my kids liked the walkabout.Williamsburg Cannons 

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