Long Weekend

A long weekend in front of us.  In fact, this has been a very, very long weekend since I’ve been home taking care of Diane and haven’t been to work in a week. I’m not used to that schedule although perhaps one day I will accommodate. We had started the meds log again at the beginning of the week but, today, I think we will stop keeping track. She had a great night and hasn’t had any prescription pain meds in 24 hours. I think there is still pain but not enough to continue being “loopy.” And speaking of “long weekends,” I rented a long lens for the weekend. A 500mm–a model that I’ve not used. I actually had to rent a tripod and head because I don’t have anything big enough to handle the weight and dimensions of a 500mm lens. I will have to try this thing out before the game because quite frankly I don’t imagine that this will be like any other lens that I’ve used. Perhaps I should go out and shoot some birds. Kyle’s baseball season is coming to a close and I don’t really have any good closeups of them…but I will by the end of the weekend!!The baseball fields are mostly dried out after the floods from the heavy rains a couple of weeks ago. The shot below was taken the day after the heavy rains. The small creek is on the right, when the rain is hard, the small creek turns into a mighty river wannabe. The creek is on my right flooding over the small levee and path and slowly filling the fields. Parents cleanup the mess…after the water is gone only mud and debris remain.Flooded Baseball Fields

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