Morning Rose

Diane’s surgery was Monday and everything was fine, super, in fact. She came through the surgery perfectly and the doctor told us (or rather me) that everything was perfect. No drains, no complications, no worries. Right? Right. There is, of course, that pesky “minor drainage” which based on my visual analysis is a lot like bleeding. You’d think I’d be used to that but truthfully, I’m not. And of course, there is that flashback to just over a year ago when this all began. Nonetheless, a good thing. A positive thing that made us both smile. Until. My. Wife. Wants. To. Go. To. Kyle’s. Baseball. Game. The. Day. After. Surgery!!! Now think of this, four rather significant incisions plus the port removal thingie, pads, supports, “leakage,” and me who came out of the womb worrying about absolutely everything. But “she who must be obeyed” could not be denied. All seemed okay on Tuesday night at the game (except for the score which was anti-familyish), and on Wednesday morning. And then….va-va-zoom, one of us gets a fever of 102+ degrees–not me. And of course, one cannot say “I told you so” at a time like this since one must be supportive. But this is not a good thing, so I call the doctor. She had to quit the pain meds so that she could take Tylenol and bring the fever down; you can’t take them at the same time. So, on the Tylenol, fever has finally gone down but there is pain…..hmmmmm. I will not say it. So, I stayed home today and am glad that I did.On the way back from taking the kids to school, I noticed that there will still dew drops on the roses. I raced in for my camera but something wasn’t right. I missed something, don’t know what. I need more practice. I changed a lot in post production and tried different shades of red. I didn’t like any of them but I did like the black and white with red undertones. Whenever I see a rose like this, I always think of Beauty and the Beast. Amazing how Disney has permeated my life to the point where views of nature jerk me mentally into a movie theater.Morning RoseChris doesn’t like B&W shots, although this actually isn’t B&W, so I am adding the “out of the camera” shot below.Red Rose

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  1. When I talked to her, she said she didn’t jump up & down and cheer so the ball game was “OK”! You & Donny have special challenges being married to stubborn Pollocks! Great pic of Kyle’s confirmation! About the rose, I like the exposure even though you know how I am about b&w. What I don’t see is the dew drops you mentioned at the outset! Did they dry up on ya? Beautiful picture! Hang in there with Sissy, kid! It’ll get easier! Love ya!!


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