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The rain is over, at least for a while. The radio said that the area had more than 2.5 Billion (with a B) gallons of rain on Wednesday. I imagine the flooding will continue for some time. One benefit is that the pollen has washed away and we allergy sufferers have some respite.I was going to write about health care today, however, my thoughts are not very organized so I will let them percolate for a day or two. I guess that would be the norm for health care…there is so much to think about that focusing on a single aspect is difficult.  I will say that health care is not a spectator sport. I really don’t care how super the doctor is, how modern the technology, how outstanding the facility…the bottom line is that the center of everything in health care is: me…or my family. There is no one else that will advocate, no one else who will ask for a second opinion, no one else who will say “no.” There’s just me. Or Diane. But health care is complex and when you need the care…everything comes at you at a fire hose pace. What if you can’t take a step back and say “whoa, I need a break to think about this” because your doctor says you have to do something now. Now, don’t jump to conclusions…there’s nothing wrong with me or any of the fam…I’m sort of on a rant. Health care is a business and that business is run by insurance companies and the doctors. My care will be defined by a suit who probably wouldn’t know a lymphoma from a lymph gland. But they can certainly tell me how much they will pay for treatment. But, I’m out of time. I shall return with more thoughts on this. Did I mention that I received my Medicare card?This is a stylized shot from my Georgetown walkabout.Georgetown

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