The Mom

Yesterday was Kelsey’s 16th birthday. We celebrated with dinner and some gifts. Kelsey mostly did homework with celebration in the gaps. I’ve always thought that birthdays should actually be a celebration for the mom. Doesn’t that make sense? For the child, just another milestone…yes, each is different but actually they sort of run together after a while. Sometimes, you even completely forget you’re having one. But giving birth to a child…you don’t forget that, or at least you shouldn’t. Each one is different, each one has a moment of terror and a moment of joy. Diane and I reminisced about Kelsey’s birth and what she was like as a baby. Each year, every April 29, we can take a special memory journey and celebrate that day. And each of our kid’s birthdays. But, maybe it’s not about us.All the baby fox, kits, we have and you wonder where “The Mom” is when the kits are out playing. We think that most of the time she must be out hunting to feed this huge litter. But once in a while we see her, usually hidden in the trees watching the kits and the humans. The colors of the kits are sort of the same color as the surrounding dirt and fallen, rotting leaves. The mom is a nice red. One of the kits is blond, almost white. I will take a shot of that one eventually.Mother Fox

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