There’s Something About Sunsets

For the most part, we humans feel better about our world at sunset. Typically we can take a deep breath, think about our victories of the day, and then wrap ourselves with family, friends, good cheer, etc., until the next day. Of course, those of you who believe in vampires and zombies probably come at this whole sunset thing with a slightly different emotion. But there aren’t any of those in Virginia so I am not so preoccupied.  Some folks say that sunset happens quickly and if you don’t see the big ball dip behind the world, you’ve missed the event. Not so, Bison Breath (homage to the Great Carnac). Sunset can take a very long time, one just has to set out to notice the full glory which really isn’t a single moment. Really. Really.There is probably 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the actual “event” when the total essence of a sunset can be enjoyed. You just have to be running on slow and try to take notice. The shot below is taken from Old Town, a few minutes after the golden orb went behind Old Town’s skyscape. But the flat of the river and the lack of high rises had a different view from across the Potomac. The sun is sinking at that very moment and is reflecting off the Gaylord Hotel. That’s the golden glow. That’s sunset, but looking east, after the moment. I noticed.Hotel Gaylord

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