Woodrow Wilson Bridge on our Boat About

The bridge is fascinating, an engineering marvel. I’m sure there are hundreds of individual things that make this bridge a wonder but just the size is amazing. Perhaps most amazing, of course, is that three different government agencies, maybe four, had to cooperate to even start: Virginia, Maryland, DC, and probably the US. That alone makes the project a miracle. I’ve always wanted to get a shot of the whole span but haven’t found the right vantage point…yet. A fair amount of “bridge” is actually over land on both sides of the river and I haven’t yet found that magic spot. I have in my mind’s eye the Malmo bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden, Amy Archer’s photoblog has some really nice shots of that bridge. ¬†Of course, this is not the scale of the Oresund Bridge but it’s still a marvel. The Wilson Bridge is a draw bridge that is available for tall ships that come into the port of Alexandria or maybe even DC. The first shot is of Kelsey with the bridge in the background. We are passing underneath the drawbridge part looking towards Maryland. The second shot is looking south at the bridge.Kelsey on Boat About Under Woodrow Wilson BridgeWoodrow WIlson Bridge

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