A Cold Winter Day, A Maudlin Mood

Yesterday, Kelsey and  a friend were competing in the Regionals of National History Day with a project they’d spent hundreds of hours preparing. We were proud of them and happy to see them do so well. The event was held in a school far away so for the between events down time, we couldn’t drive home. The girls had homework so I dropped them off at a local library and I headed for the Potomac. This has been a strange week at home and at work and the clawing to keep up is taking a toll on my normally positive attitude. Mind you, that is not a complaint, that’s just the way I feel…more of a life observation. So a photo walkabout was just the thing I needed. While looking for a park or at least a parking place next to the River, I stumbled upon the “Collingwood Library” right next to the Potomac. Beautiful gated grounds, winding drive, etc. Very close to Mt Vernon. Maybe it really is a library, I don’t know because I did not go inside. The building is large, like an old southern mansion. The grounds are expansive and literally sweep down to the Potomac from a height well above the river level. At first glance and thought, expansive and elegant, and I said to myself, this would be a very nice wedding venue. Not that I am interested in finding such a place, I was just trying to match the beautiful setting with a human purpose. Too sloping for sports, too close to awesome mansions for grand outdoor celebrations…so weddings seemed a perfect fit. On the riverside of the mansion, a large concrete deck looks down the grounds to the river and a gazebo on the shore.Collingwood Gazebo & PotomacI walked down to the river and yes, it was beautiful. Except, there was goose poop everywhere. I don’t know how you’d clean that up for weddings, I guess if you had a dog you could let the dog run free and (hopefully) chase and keep the geese away from the grounds. Good luck with that. As I walked down, I noted a thick power extension cord running down the side of the property. Actually, two or three strung together. I think that perhaps that is how the gazebo area gets power. I’d hate to bet my wedding on that. I tried googling the library function of the facility but apparently their website isn’t working. I did find some Yelp reviews of the place as a wedding venue so I know my assumption was correct. No one mentioned goose poop so they must do something to become poopless. The house right next door is the size of a small luxury hotel, I’m guessing that they wouldn’t be fans of loud, raucous celebrations so there are probably rules about noise, peeing in public, that kind of thing. It was a pretty place, I was just in a maudlin mood. The shot below is taken from close to the gazebo.Collingwood House

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