It’s Summer. No. Winter. No. Spring. No. Winter. No……..

Strange January. The temperatures kept us guessing and the low side of those temps reminded me of growing up way back when.  Actually, the whole temperature pendulum is very disruptive in the DC area. Schools close. Government close. Drivers turn into raving lunatics (not a complaint!!), and everything seems to work at a slightly different pace. Except work. That goes on. A friend of mine had a stroke last week and is headed back to recovery in a facility out in Aldie. I went to visit and actually took my camera. That’s unusual lately, seems like the poor camera just gathers dust on the shelf.  I ran out of time so made a quick dash for the first thing I noticed. I stopped at this old church and was taken with its “aloneness.” I did some photoshop processing to reflect how I felt when I was there. It was built in 1851, was the site of a Civil War battle, and has a cemetery where the Stars and Bars are still flown over some of the graves. I know this year is better, much better than last year but there have certainly been moments…  On a very positive note, I’ve actually made two days in a row without complaining. That’s bragging.Mt Zion Church - 1851

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