Old Town Scottish Christmas Walk For Pink!!

Diane, Kelsey, Kyle, and I have the opportunity to walk in the Old Town Scottish Christmas Walk on December 7 with the National Breast Center group. The group is put together by Diane’s surgeon, Dr Weintritt. You can see more at their Facebook National Breast Center page.   AND everyone in the group will do the walk in black & pink checked kilts with Black “fleeces.”  This should be a lot of fun with great photo ops. I truly am hoping that it’s not too cold but especially that the breezes are little to none…if you catch my drift. If you want the opportunity to see me in a kilt, come to Old Town and support the National Breast Center!! (Actually, you don’t need to physically come to Old Town, you can look at the pictures later and contribute at the National Breast Center’s website.) I do love Old Town. The shot below is a vertical “tilt lens” filter of a shop on King Street.Old Town Shoppe

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  1. What the heck is a vertical tilt lens? Cute little shop & I particularly love the sign over the door! Sorry you’re not feeling well, Bro! It’s that time of the year, I guess! Lots of company around on this end of the country this weekend! Can’t wait to see YOU in a kilt! Cool choice of colors for everyone! What were those candies we used to get at the movie theater that were pink & black! They all tasted like licorice! Can’t come up with the name for love nor money! Take care of yourself & feel better soon!! Love you!


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