We finished the Photowalk just before sunset in the place we’d started, Waterfront Park. Just a few feet away from where our group was chatting, a music group was warming up and apparently getting ready for a wedding that was about to happen. But, the chairs were still empty. Time of the shot: 5:38 p.m., sunset was 6:44 p.m. They had less than an hour. I did not see anyone that looked like they were in a wedding party. A wedding planner stopped by to ask if any of us would do “candid” shots of the wedding (we all said “no”) so I assumed the celebration was going to start soon. I wondered if the party was going on a dinner cruise after the ceremony. Where were they getting ready? I wandered around the venue for a few minutes taking shots from all angles. Look at the dozens of Origami Birds hanging from the altar. The music group continued to play until I went back to my group. Then the music group leader went to stage center and removed the microphone. I guess I made him nervous.Looking Towards The PotomacLooking From the Potomac 

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