Looking for Some Sand!

Somewhere around here, there must be some virtual sand into which I can jam my head and my intellect. I had an entire rage page written about this new American Taliban we are seeing but then I began to worry…and deleted it all.  Like moderates everywhere, there is a certain fear about speaking out.Yesterday the server failed at my internet service provider’s data center. This post went away, or rather, the post that was like this went away. I had to recreate from a partial Facebook link so this isn’t exactly what I had up yesterday. The conspiracy theorist  in me sees no correlation between the content and the server crash. No. Really. None at all!The shot below is from the Photowalk–the Christmas Attic. Sort of an island or refuge of celebration and hope. You walk through the door and leave the rest of the world behind. You just want to stay inside. Ah ha…I found my sand.The Christmas Attic - Alexandria, VA 

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